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Event: DDTM “Fashion and style”

In a certain age, it began with loin clothes that left little room for much of an identity. “Me man, you woman” were probably the profound words that father said to daughter when he handed her the additional piece of cloth to cover her upper torso.

As time went on the weather got the better of them, and two pieces of cloth and a cave just didn’t provide the required warmth; let alone leave the desired fashion sense.

A quick fast forward through embroidered gowns and corsets, petti coats, flares and bell bottoms; t-shirts, jeans and the occasional suit; it wasn’t long until we discovered Victoria’s secret.

This Saturday the secret is out with DDTM “Fashion and style” and you can only go wrong if you come through in your birthday suit.


Join us again this Saturday at Bogobiri as we use our senses to separate nonsense from fashion sense!!

P.S. Free Jameson Cocktails from 8pm – 9pm and you can win free Jameson bottles during the show. Sponsored by Jameson

Take a look at the highlights from the last DDTM show – “Untelevised”

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